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Make a note in your 2021 diary: the digital download release of the multi-award-winning animated masterpiece AWAY is set for 18th January…

AWAY IS ABOUT A BOY travelling across an island on a motorcycle, trying to escape a dark spirit and get back home. Along the way he makes a series of connections with different animals and reflects on the possible ways he ended up on the island. Part dream, part reality, AWAY explores our common, universal need to ?nd a connection.

The multiple award-winning film, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%, took the prestigious Contrechamp Award at Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019.

Director, writer, producer, animator and film score creator Gints Zilbalodis worked on the film for three and a half years, writing the fascinating story, creating the beautifully animated landscapes and characters, and composing and recording the enchanting music to this stunning dialogue-free film.

Following on from its UK and Ireland cinema release in August, AWAY is available to pre-order now from Apple TV and iTunes and to purchase from Sky Store, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rakuten and Sony from 18th January 2021.

"Strong visual storytelling and an excellent score" — **** Empire

"Dreamy, sublime... a breath-taker" — **** Matthew Leyland, Total Film

"Simply extraordinary" **** — Larushka Ivan-zadah, Metro

"Beguiling" **** — Kevin Maher, The Times

Look forward to great film entertainment in 2021! Sony Movies Classic, the channel dedicated to bringing the greatest and best-loved cinema to TV screens, all day, every day, relaunches on 5th January 2021…

Our Man In Havana starring Alec Guiness   CELEBRATING QUALITY CINEMA from the '40s to the Noughties, Sony Movies Classic will air iconic films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, landmark movies from every decade, key titles of the British new-wave, and modern masterpieces.

With access to an extensive library of valuable and important titles,
Sony Movies Classic will return in January with timeless classics such as Psycho, The Graduate, In The Heat of the Night, Our Man In Havana and much, much more…

It's the best of the big screen, on your small screen, and highlights include:

Launch Day — Kicking off in style,
Sony Movies Classic starts as it means to go on, airing some truly unforgettable films from 6am on Tuesday 5th January. Movie legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Streisand, Bob Hope, and Faye Dunaway take centre stage with screenings of The Great Lover, Ladies of the Chorus, Funny Girl, and Eyes of Laura Mars, among many other favourites.

Channel Premieres
A New Year means new movies, and Sony Movies Classic adds an extensive range of cult gems to its line-up for 2021. From the likes of first-class horrors, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and Radley Metzger's The Cat and the Canary, romantic comedies The Graduate and The Facts of Life, award-winning drama such as In The Heat of the Night and famous mysteries like The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sony Movies Classic has got it covered.

Hollywood Icons
Spanning the decades, Sony Movies Classic brings you the best Hollywood stars from across the century. Megastar Elizabeth Taylor features alongside Richard Burton in 1967 Shakespeare adaptation, The Taming of the Shrew. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor star as falsely convicted prison inmates who hatch an escape plan after one unexpectedly discovers their talent as a rodeo rider in Stir Crazy. There's also the Golden Globe-winning Shirley MacLaine in musical comedy-drama, Sweet Charity.

So, get ready to start your New Year with a bang! Tune in to
Sony Movies Classic for the ultimate celebration of cinema throughout the century on Freeview 51, Freesat 303, Sky 319 and Virgin 424.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR special project

Morgan Motor Company unleashes the Plus 8 GTR, the first of several Morgan special projects to commence this summer with just nine examples being built....

RAW, VISCERAL, LOUD, AND LOW, the Morgan Plus 8 GTR represents what the Morgan Motor Company can create when its design and engineering teams let their imaginations run wild. Limited to just nine examples, it marks the first in a line of Morgan special projects set to commence this year.

The Plus 8 GTR explores design themes such as the high shoulder line, not seen on a traditional Morgan body for decades. Its five-spoke centre-lock wheels are reminiscent of Morgan's 1990s Plus 8 race cars, framed perfectly by subtly re-sculpted wheel arches. Further design elements include a revised rear-end, front wings, and front splitter, and the fitment of a hard top.

One particular design inspiration was the Plus 8 race car that competed in the GT series throughout the late Nineties, more commonly known as 'Big Blue'. This car served as the test-bed for Morgan's first bonded-aluminium chassis, which would go on to underpin the Aero 8 and 'Aero-chassis' Plus 8 models. It seemed fitting, following the recent launch of Morgan's latest CX-Generation bonded-aluminium platform, to use this opportunity to pay tribute to the car that pioneered Morgan's use of aluminium structures.

The project has only been possible because of the recent availability of a number of Plus 8 rolling chassis, which have been re-acquired from a third party following a discontinued project. These were all built by Morgan before 2018, and were never used for their intended purposes. All are to be recommissioned and will benefit from the upgrade of selected mechanical components.

As part of their transformation from rolling chassis to finished vehicle, each GTR will be handcrafted using Morgan's traditional coachbuilding techniques. In a break from over a century of Morgan tradition, much of this work will be completed not at its famous Pickersleigh Road factory, but at the nearby Morgan Design and Engineering Centre. The Plus 8 GTR runs alongside core programmes and is one of several Morgan special projects to be announced this year. It follows numerous special project Morgan models in recent years, such as the Aero GT, SP1 and Aeromax.

These 'Aero-chassis' Plus 8s use the Morgan first-generation bonded-aluminium chassis developed initially for the Morgan Aero 8. Previously, from 1968 to 2004, Plus 8 models used Morgan's traditional steel chassis and were powered by Rover V8 engines.

All 'Aero-chassis' Morgan Plus 8s were powered by the BMW N62 4.8-litre engine, and the GTR will be no exception. In its original specification this unit produced 362bhp; however, the exact power output for the GTR is yet to be finalised. A choice of a six-speed manual or ZF six-speed automatic gearbox will be available.

Just nine Morgan Plus 8 GTRs will be built, with production beginning in summer 2021. The transformed special project will be available in certain worldwide markets, subject to local rules on the importation of European vehicles. As part of the special projects programme, customers will be invited to commission their bespoke Plus 8 GTR alongside Morgan's design team.

Jonathan Wells, Morgan Head of Design: "Reviving a V8-powered Morgan at the current time may not seem like the obvious choice for a manufacturer firmly focused on new platforms and powertrains. However, when the opportunity presented itself to recommission a number of rolling chassis and create an exciting special project such as Plus 8 GTR, we embraced it fully. This project has allowed Morgan's design and engineering teams to revisit some of their favourite elements of past Morgan models, as well as experiment with some features that we hope will appear on future Morgan cars."

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#000080">Dantoy Bio-Toy 11-Piece Baking Line</font>
What better way to start off the New Year than with something green
for children from Dantoy...

GREEN-BRAND DANTOY would like to see people buy less but buy well, to embrace toys, and look after the environment. As you would hope, their toys are chemical, toxin and pollutant free and do not contain harmful substances such a phthalates, perfume, BPA or endocrine-disruptive substances. Not only will your children love using these eco-friendly toys but you'll know they will be perfectly safe.

In fact, Dantoy's brand-new "I'm Green" range of toys are crafted from bioplastic — a sustainable raw material made of at least 90% sugarcane and 100% recyclable. Not only that but Dantoy leads the way with their bioplastics, the manufacture of which reduces carbon emissions.

The sugarcane is cultivated on controlled, pesticide-free plantations in central and southern Brazil more than 2,500km away from the Amazon region and is harvested every 6 to 12 months. Bioplastic made of sugarcane is a 100% sustainable raw material. The harvested sugarcane is conveyed by train for further processing, which is more eco-friendly than being transported by lorries. Incidentally, sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, thereby minimising the greenhouse effect. And just in case you weren't aware, traditional plastic is made from crude oil.

Even when it's not coloured green, Dantoy's packaging is — it's all made from recycled cardboard.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#000080">Dantoy Bio-Toy 11-Piece Baking Line</font>

Dantoy's eco-conscious range has the same high quality as their traditional plastic toys and are made to last and approved for contact with foods; they are also microwave and dishwasher safe, frost-proof and contain no toxins.

Dantoy's current range of bio toys includes this 11-piece baking set. In a palette of gorgeous muted tonal colours, they stimulate children's awareness of colours and shape and encourage them to bake and have fun. The set can be used as cookie cutters or dough modelling.

Suitable from 2 years+, the Dantoy Bio-Toy 11-Piece Baking Line costs £23.99 from Amazon.

Porsche Boxster '25 Years' celebration model

Anniversary edition Porsche Boxster celebrates 25 years of benchmark roadster…

PORSCHE IS CELEBRATING the 25th birthday of its benchmark two-door, two-seat roadster with a special anniversary model: the Boxster 25 Years. The commemorative edition will be produced in a series of 1,250 worldwide, and is based on the GTS 4.0 model powered by a 4.0-litre flat-six 'boxer' engine with 395bhp (400PS).

The car incorporates a number of design features of the Boxster concept car first shown at the 1993 Detroit Motor Show and which initiated the success story of the open-top sports car. Taking its name from the combination of 'boxer' (engine) and 'roadster' (styling), the production version launched in 1996 with hardly any changes in its visual appearance.

Over a quarter of a century, the Porsche Boxster has defined what an open-top sports car should be and core to its enduring appeal is the mid-engined layout that delivers renowned poise and balance combined with precise, agile handling. The model is now in its fourth generation and during this time, more than 357,000 have been built.

One of the most striking features of the new car is the reinterpreted colour Neodyme — a copper-like shimmering hue — which was first seen on the 1993 Detroit showpiece. For the contemporary 25 Years model, Neodyme is used to pick out the front apron, the side air intakes, the lettering and the unique design, two-tone 20-inch diameter alloy wheels. Once more, GT Silver Metallic is the highlight body colour, with Jet Black Metallic and Carrara White Metallic also available.

In keeping with the style of the historic original, the Boxster 25 Years combines a Bordeaux leather interior with a red fabric convertible top. The roof bears embossed Boxster 25 lettering. The interior and roof are also available in Black.

An interior trim package in Aluminium, 14-way electrically adjustable sports seats, door sill trims with Boxster 25 motifs, LED headlights with the Porsche Dynamic Lighting System, a heated GT multi-function sports leather steering wheel, and front and rear Park Assist are just some of the additional feature highlights that extend the standard equipment list.

True to the open-roof, two-seat, roadster tradition, the Boxster 25 Years anniversary model offers pure exhilaration with the 4.0-litre flat-six engine of the 718 Boxster GTS 4.0. With effortless response, exceptional power delivery and a rich sound, the high-revving 400PS naturally-aspirated engine guarantees an especially emotive driving experience. A manual six-speed transmission is standard, with the seven-speed Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK) offered as an option.

The special model can reach a top speed of 182mph and, in combination with the PDK gearbox and standard Sport Chrono package, can sprint from zero to 62 mph in four seconds. Other standard features include the Porsche Active Suspension Management chassis, which offers a lower ride height, and Porsche Torque Vectoring with mechanical limited-slip diff. Together, these combine remarkable ride comfort with sporting, dynamic handling and responsiveness.

The new Boxster 25 Years is available to order now from Porsche Centres in the UK, priced from £72,760. Deliveries will follow later in the Spring.
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